Brother LaMOnt Theolonus B. Taylor

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Brother LaMont Theolonus B. Taylor
Every individual’s responsibility in life is to benefit another individual. For no matter how small
the deed, or how large it has some impact on another individual’s life.
Brother LaMont Theolonus Brown Taylor was born January 12, 1972 at Cook CountyHospital in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout Brother Taylor’s childhood, he was faced withmany difficulties. Among some of the things that he was faced with were financialmisfortunes, violence, and other unfortunate shortcomings growing up in the city of Chicago.
As a child, many told Brother Taylor that he was very mature for his age. During theperiod of grade school, he began to question things that he thought was not right or fair.The birth of leadership was exemplified in the 7th grade. Brother Taylor had ideas toimprove the social conditions of students and the faculty of the school. Brother Taylorfurther developed his leadership potential by running for freshmen and sophomore VicePresident of James H. Bowen High School. His philosophy and campaign during thisperiod was, “Its time for a change, a change for the better.”With this theme, Brother Taylor won the election and went on to represent James H.Bowen in the District #33 Student Council, where he expresses a big concern for peercounseling and became the chairmen of the board. Brother Taylor transferred to ChicagoVocational High School (CVS), where he graduated and received his diploma inBusiness/Accounting in 1990.
Later, Brother Taylor attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC). It wasat this moment where the founders met; in a fraternal service organization called AlphaPhi Omega. Through Alpha Phi Omega, Brother Taylor reaffirmed his purpose toserving the community. Brother Taylor met another individual with similar interestsduring the time of his service with Alpha Phi Omega. This individual was a leader, whowas strong in decision, firm in character and racial in his beliefs. This person wasBrother Marvin Vinson Randolph. It was these individuals who saw the need forcommunity and service to work hand and hand using the principles of “CommunityDevelopment.”
Brother Taylor’s belief is that “every individual’s purpose in life is to benefit anotherindividual; for no matter how small the deed or how large, it has a specific impact onanother individual’s life.” On August 22, 1994 at 8:50 P.M. the founders pledged tobuild a positive standard of mankind; provide service to all humanity; to uphold the lawsand principles of brotherhood and to preserve and help humanity by continuing toexemplify leadership.


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